Welcome to Sailing Rough Waters

Sailing Rough Waters is a website about coping with microaggressions: the small things that hurt in daily life and target parts of your identity. This site is written with accessibility and readability as the primary focus; so you don't need a degree to read it.


This website is about emotional coping. I cannot tell you how to get out of the rough waters, only how to cope with sailing them. Trying to cope with the rough waters does not mean that it's okay you're in them, nor that you can't or shouldn't try to change them.

I am not an authority on experiences that belong to you. If you don't want to use any of the strategies here, that's okay. You will always know your needs and experiences better than I can. You will always be justified in how you choose to cope, and it will never be your fault if you're struggling.

I'm just writing from my own experiences, as a white transgender woman, in the hopes I can help you with your experiences.

Where to Start

A good place to start is What Are Microaggressions.

You can also click Cope and Define on the navbar above to find your own starting point.

I've also prepared an extensive glossary, if you aren't confident about what any terms mean.

Living as a marginalized popover available person can cause serious psychological problems. This website cannot and should not replace therapy. If you are severely struggling right now and need help, please see I Am Having A Crisis and Can't Go On.


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