Community & Peer Support

Life as a marginalized person is tough, and nobody should have to go through it alone. Fortunately, many of us have each other. These articles are about coping by seeking support from community and loved ones; and giving suppport back. Being supportive in more intentional ways can be really effective.

This article is about meta-conversing, a technique to get you on the same page with others and allow for more effective community support.
This article is about techniques for planning ahead with your support network when you know a difficult situation is likely to arise.
You can't get community or peer support if you're isolated and alone. This article has tips for finding others who share your experiences.


One of the most scientifically proven ways to cope with microagressions is through seeking validation from peers. These articles are about validation.

  • What Validation Is & How It Helps
  • This article goes over the basics of validation.

  • Actively Listening
  • This article is about listening skills, which you can use to be more supportive to your loved ones and community; and give them validation.

  • Valerie: The Auto-Validator
  • This is a robot which pretends to listen to you and generates validating responses. You might find it calming if you have nobody to talk to about a microagression that happened to you, though its main purpose is actually to give examples of what giving validation can look like.