Valerie: The Auto-Validator

Many studies have found the most effective coping tactic after a microaggression is to seek validation popover available from peers. Valerie is a robot who generates validating sentences. If you want validation, but nobody is around, you might be able to simulate the experience by typing out what happened, and then clicking "validate me." She doesn't actually read anything you write, but you might feel better anyway.

What's more useful about Valerie, is she follows a pattern that results in hundreds of unique ways to be validating. Looking at the kinds of things she says might help you understand the kinds of things you might want to say when someone comes to you for validation. Being more specific with what you say will of course be more effective than the vague general-purpose things that Valerie says.

In this box, write what happened and what you did next. Then, click "Validate Me."

Valerie the Auto-Validator is a randomly generated script. It is intended for emotional and educational purposes only and cannot actually evaluate the legality, morality, or ethics of input text. Input text is not read or evaluated.